martes, 28 de octubre de 2014

Pailletes Sweater & Cut-offs

Hi People out there how is everything going??

It has been a long long time since I updated the blog .A Lots ot things have happened latetly in my life and honestly I haven't had time to take pictures of my looks.  I've been blogging for almost three years now(gosh that's a lot of time!!) and currently I'm  in a new project,that occupies most of my time  yet totally it is worth it.  I'm that kind of person who is curious by nature and like  learning every day something new.  Little did I know that my passion for English languague would drive me to start what it is going to be my third degree in English studies. I  have always  liked would be boring without a goal on your mind, you just need a goal to feel alive and motivated! that's what happened to me.. After long time studying English I felt like going forward and master it

Let's start off with today's look! Lately I'm in the mood for casual and efforteless looks rather than chic ones, So Today I'm wearing a simple pailletes sweater which I combined with a pair of cut-offs. I bought the denim cut-offs basically to go to the beach but since they are super comfy I trow them onfor my daily  looks. 

Hope you have a terrific week and remeber BE HAPPY!

lunes, 25 de agosto de 2014

White Roses Dress

Hello to everybody!

After being on holidays for two weeks it is about time to face the reality and come back to routine... I confess that I have post vacation blues. Anyway just let's start and comment today's look.

I bought this femenine white  dress some years ago. I remember being in the shop looking for a pair of jeans when this pretty dress caught my eye. There weren't  many dresses of its type left  in the store plus it was cheap so I didn't think twice and I bought it. 

I guess that I was waiting for the perfect ocassion to wear it and finally  that happened last July during my birhday. Actually  it was a super special birthday  as I had dinner in a fancy and romantic restaurant with the best company ever.

Have a nice week!

Dedicated to Felipe

jueves, 21 de agosto de 2014

Black Jumpsuit

Hi guys!

I've been enjoying my second week of holidays that's the reason why I haven't updated the blog lately .

Yesterday I went for a stroll with my friend Alba and we took advantage of that by taking some pictures of us. Honestly it wasn't  an easy super shoot  as my kids were messing about in the location, but.. we finally did it.
On today's look I'm wearing the most comfortable and breathless piece of clothing  I have: a black jumpsuit. I paired it with a pair of brown wedges and my pink bag.  It is a super simple and easy going look as you can see.

Hope you all have a terrific weekend!

lunes, 4 de agosto de 2014

Blue dress & Embellished headband

Hi guys!

Summer is in full swing and my holidays are just around the corner. Going to be on holidays for two weeks, I can not wait!!

Today I want to show you a gorgeous blue dress which I bought three years ago. What  happened was that I lent it to my sister for a wedding and I literally forgot that I had that dress! It is not the firs time that this weird thing happens. I’m the kind of person who lends my clothes to my friends and sister and then I forget to get them back.

This pretty blue dress is perfect to attend a wedding or just for a special meeting. I paired it with a statement embellished headband to make the outfit even more glamorous.  I finished it up by wearing my pink pair of heels, I think that pink colour  goes pretty well with the blue one.

lunes, 28 de julio de 2014

Floral blouse & jeans

Happy  Monday!!

I normally like wearing clothes immediately I get them! Honestly I’m an impatience person in every aspect of my life! I’m working on that really, but when it comes to clothes I feel the urge to wear them straightaway. So I was waiting for the perfect time to wear this pretty blouse from Sheinside since I received it a month ago.  Finally after some weeks the perfect time came! On this occasion I married this gorgeous black vintage floral blouse with a pair of slim jeans and burgundy heels. 

Hope you have a terrific week ahead

miércoles, 23 de julio de 2014

On the beach

Hello people!

 Last week I went to the beach with the family and my sister took advantage of  the ocassion to take pictures of me since she thought my outfit was cool. I'm wearing a lace beach dress on top of my green bikini and an embellished sandals. I carry a lot of things in my carry-on bag when I go to the beach. Do not forget the essentials: the sunscreen protection, a fun book, sunglasses, a towel, a lip balm and healthy snacks. I hope you like the views ! this beach concretly is in Puerto Portals very near to Palma, and not extremely crowded, with an amazing crystal clear water. You can tell I love Summer !!
Sorry for the quality of the pictures as they are taken with an ordinary mobile phone camera.

lunes, 21 de julio de 2014

White Cut-offs & Pink bag

Feliz Lunes!

Por norma general,  siempre llevo vestidos pero de vez en cuando recurro a los socorridos shorts para crear  looks sencillos y sin complicaciones.

Hoy llevo unos shorts en color blancos combinados con una de mis camisetas preferidas de Forever 21. Como siempre me gusta añadir un toque de color al outfit y esta vez escogí una cesta en color rosa(regalo de mi querida amiga Gwyneth) y mis tacones para añadir  el toque de distinción.

Happy Monday!Hope you all had a nice weekend! 

 I normallly wear dresses  every day , however from time to time I throw on a pair of  cut-offs to create a simple and comfortable  outfit.

Today I'm wearing a pair of white cut-offs  which I paired with a cute t-shirt from Forever 21. By wearing my pink heels and bag( my favourite bag lately, a gift from my dear English sister) I added a pop of colour making this plain outfit cooler.


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