lunes, 4 de agosto de 2014

Blue dress & Embellished headband

Hi guys!

Summer is in full swing and my holidays are just around the corner. Going to be on holidays for two weeks, I can not wait!!

Today I want to show you a gorgeous blue dress which I bought three years ago. What  happened was that I lent it to my sister for a wedding and I literally forgot that I had that dress! It is not the firs time that this weird thing happens. I’m the kind of person who lends my clothes to my friends and sister and then I forget to get them back.

This pretty blue dress is perfect to attend a wedding or just for a special meeting. I paired it with a statement embellished headband to make the outfit even more glamorous.  I finished it up by wearing my pink pair of heels, I think that pink colour  goes pretty well with the blue one.

 Total look. ZARA

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  1. Me encanta el Look, estas preciosa de azul!! besos SCL

  2. Don't be a liar honey, the main reason is you were wearing it on while you while was acting in that fairy Disney movie .. Cinderella 2 . and you were the beauty princess!! weren't you ? kisses !!

  3. Me parto con Felipe y estoy totalmente de acuerdo con él. Estás guapísima!!!!!!!

  4. Hi Encarna! I know what you mean, it happens also to me! The dress is so cute and the color suits u perfectly! Looking adorable dear, really beautiful! I also like the headband. Many kisses and hugs, happy holidays! xo

  5. Muy guapa y estilos ,como siempre,Encarna. Me encantan los zapatos,dando ese toque alegre y elegante a su vez;-)

  6. Que guapísima Encarna y el vestido me encanta, estas preciosa Encarna! Un besazo.

  7. Precioso vestido Encarna, me ha gustado el toque de los zapatos en rojo. Estás muy guapa
    Un beso

  8. Guapísima Encarna, el color azul cielo te sienta genial y me gusta mucho la diadema joya. Un besote.

  9. Ohhh el vestit és fantàstic. I el contrast amb les sabates molt xulo
    La diadema una monada!

  10. I love this dress on you, it makes your eyes shine even brighter :-) You look like a princess with a modern crown! It was so good to see you the other day, say hi to the little ones ;-) Love you! xoxo

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