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lunes, 25 de agosto de 2014

White Roses Dress

Hello to everybody!

After being on holidays for two weeks it is about time to face the reality and come back to routine... I confess that I have post vacation blues. Anyway just let's start and comment today's look.

I bought this femenine white  dress some years ago. I remember being in the shop looking for a pair of jeans when this pretty dress caught my eye. There weren't  many dresses of its type left  in the store plus it was cheap so I didn't think twice and I bought it. 

I guess that I was waiting for the perfect ocassion to wear it and finally  that happened last July during my birhday. Actually  it was a super special birthday  as I had dinner in a fancy and romantic restaurant with the best company ever.

Have a nice week!

Dedicated to Felipe

lunes, 19 de mayo de 2014

White Dress & Chanel Bag

Hope all you had a terrific weekend.

Although I prefer wearing colourful piece of clothing in my outfits , lately I’m a big fan of white color. On todays look I’m wearing an effortless sophisticated white dress which I  married with  a pair of coral sandals and my favourite bag ever, my chanel bag.

jueves, 2 de mayo de 2013

White Dress

Feliz Viernes!

Ya estamos en Mayo, increíble! las semanas y los días pasan demasiado deprisa!
Compré este vestido blanco en rebajas hace cosa de un año, y es que era una ganga por lo que no pude resistirme y lo compré. Si soy sincera, me encanta este vestido porque me recuerda a los vestidos tweed de la firma Chanel. Es un vestido suave y la mar de cómodo, además de versátil ya que lo puedes llevar de diferentes maneras, desde un look más casual a uno más elegante como el que os enseño hoy.
Disfrutar del fin de semana!

Happy Friday!

It is already May! I can't believe it! Days and weeks fly by so quickly! 
I bought this white dress on sales a year ago, it was a bargain, believe me, so I couldn't help buy it. To be honest, what I like the most about this dress is that it reminds me of  Chanel tweed dresses . It is a comfy ,soft and versatile dress because you can wear it in so many ways, from casual  to elegant one  today's look. 

Make the most of your weekend and be happy!


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