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martes, 28 de octubre de 2014

Pailletes Sweater & Cut-offs

Hi People out there how is everything going??

It has been a long long time since I updated the blog .A Lots ot things have happened latetly in my life and honestly I haven't had time to take pictures of my looks.  I've been blogging for almost three years now(gosh that's a lot of time!!) and currently I'm  in a new project,that occupies most of my time  yet totally it is worth it.  I'm that kind of person who is curious by nature and like  learning every day something new.  Little did I know that my passion for English languague would drive me to start what it is going to be my third degree in English studies. I  have always  liked would be boring without a goal on your mind, you just need a goal to feel alive and motivated! that's what happened to me.. After long time studying English I felt like going forward and master it

Let's start off with today's look! Lately I'm in the mood for casual and efforteless looks rather than chic ones, So Today I'm wearing a simple pailletes sweater which I combined with a pair of cut-offs. I bought the denim cut-offs basically to go to the beach but since they are super comfy I trow them onfor my daily  looks. 

Hope you have a terrific week and remeber BE HAPPY!

domingo, 21 de abril de 2013

Yellow Bag

Feliz Lunes! Parece que el verano ha llegado! Aunque seguimos en el mes de Abril, ha estado haciendo mucho calor y  la gente ha comenzado a ir a la playa.

Hoy  os quiero enseñar otro  look sofisticado con un vestido en color verde. A pesar de que el look en sí ya es muy colorido, le quise añadir un toque extra de color con el bolso amarillo; os recuerdo que el color amarillo está super de moda este verano 2013. Para rematar con el outfit combiné el vestido con unas bonitas sandalias.

Os deseo una feliz semana!

Happy Monday ladies!

It seems that Summer is here! It has been so hot  lately , people have started going to the beach, it sounds crazy as we are still  in April.

Today I want to show  you another sophisticated outfit with a green dress. Despite the fact that it's a colorful outfit I added and extra hint of color with the yellow bag, remember that yellow color is a definitive  this  summer 2013. To finish the outfit off I paired the dress with these cute black  heels.
Hope you all have a lovely week!


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